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Raspex Raspberry Seed Capsules
Meeker Raspberry Seeds in capsule form contain 500 mg of the same valuable Raspex Raspberry Seed powder. Raspberry seeds contain Ellagitannins which are one of the most powerful antioxidants known.
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Dental Whitening System  NEW
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Scentsational SoapPourri
All Natural Pure Soap cut up into ribbons that can be used as Potpourri in virtually any room. Feel fresh and clean as well as add charm and elegance to your home.
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Skin La-La Fit Face
The perfect “at home” treatment to reduce the signs of aging.
$49.95  $39.95
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Raspex Skin Cream WITHOUT Sunblock
Raspex Skin Cream Without Sunblock contains Ellagitannins from the Meeker Raspberry Extract and is effective against burns, age spots, moles, warts, rosacea, rashes, poison ivy, and so much more
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Scentsational Dozen Roses Soap
$4.95  $3.95
LXBE RESTORE Face Cream W/Deep Line Complex - 1.35 oz
LXBE "RESTORE" This velvety emollient cream for the skin that requires more oils without a greasy feel. Extremely mild. Excellent for sensitive skin.
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Amish Origins Lip Doc
Offers a high powered mix of SPF 15 sunscreen, all in a rich combination of lip moisturizers and protectors to aid in the healing of cracked and chapped lips
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